“Koru Sigorta increases service quality with its technology”

“Koru Sigorta increases service quality with its technology”

Kürşad Akkaya, Deputy General Manager of Koru Sigorta Information System, has stated that our aim is to increase their service quality by shortening the operational process with digital investments.

Noting that the most highlighted subjects were remote working, technological infrastructure and the usage of the internet and that the digital investments gained importance during the pandemic. Akkaya also stated: “We have become even more aware of the easiness of the technology provided us during the pandemic affecting all aspects of life including social life and professional life around the globe. We have also seen that no matter what sector or business, the companies which cannot adapt to the digital world will not survive any longer in the market.”


Reminding that the insured and agency satisfaction is a priority, Akkaya made the following statement to emphasize the importance of digital investments: “We are taking actions by considering the satisfaction of our insured and agencies. We think that the convenience and accessibility the technology brings will positively affect the spread of insurance rate and insurance awareness during this process. Online activities such as selling products online and remotely managing the damage and expertise process speed up the business processes significantly. However, we cannot skip the importance of agencies. The issue highly attracted for online sales is the agencies that are at the center of the process. They will have the biggest role in digital insurance with their expertise, knowledge of customers and insurance training.”

Stating that as Koru Sigorta, they use the technology to increase service quality and he shared the good news and noted that Koru Sigorta mobile application will be released with its new interface in the upcoming days. He ended his speech as follows: “We have increased our service quality by decreasing the operational process with our Koru Sigorta mobile app. Our goal is to serve our agencies and our insureds with maximum quality and efficiency in addition to using the technology for processing payments rapidly after the damage.”


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