The most valuable resources of Koru Sigorta are its employees

Noting that their most valuable resources are highly qualified labour force being highly committed to the organization Koru Sigorta Human Resources Manager Nihal Başoğlu said that they have been adding a new activities to the ones conducted to restructure the HR process every other day.

The most valuable resources of Koru Sigorta are its employees

Koru Sigorta Human Resources Department continues its activities to restructure the HR process by adding a new one every other day. Human Resources Manager Nihal Başoğlu said that as Human Resources, they believe that creating a happy and healthy working environment for their colleagues is their primary task. Başoğlu added that: “We aim to be a preferred institution in the sector creating high added value for sustainable growth, where the most successful professionals in the field working and all stakeholders are proud to be a part of the facility. During the Strategy Meeting held at the beginning of the year, we determined the titles among the fields of our company that are open to development and actions to be taken together in accordance with the opinions of our employees. We started to implement the Performance Management System, which includes bottom to up evaluation with measurable targets in order to manage the performance of our colleagues objectively and to achieve the highest level in terms of performance.


Stating that they carried out a “Business Life Survey” to maximize the benefits of their talents  focusing on employees with the aim of creating a stronger corporate culture Başoğlu said that “We create action plans determining the improvement fields according to the survey results. We made an agreement with a consultancy company to guide us on career planning and determined a roadmap for vertical and horizontal transitions according to the areas of expertise of each position. In order to increase the level of knowledge, skills and competency of all our employees and to improve communication between teams, we are planning to provide training events related to their areas of expertise that may be useful by trainers determining internal trainers who are experts in their fields.”


Stating that “Our aim to have a pleasant time with our friends outside the office with our social activity club 'Keep Your Fun', which we established with the aim of organizing social responsibility projects, sport and artistic activities Başoğlu added: “Our most important priorities are the activities to strengthen our employee commitment, positive experience, leadership and talent. We are happy to be in a company with employee turnover rate is low and average employee experience is high. The greatest motivational process is formed by the fact that our management is always supportive and open to development while implementing all these applications. In accordance with its long-term growth strategy, Koru Sigorta continues to provide training under the leadership of the Human Resources Department to increase the competency level of its employees. Koru Sigorta believing that sustainable success can only be achieved with happy employees; is open to innovations, adopted the philosophy of unconditional customer satisfaction and continues to incorporate dynamic teammates.”

Translated by Çevirimvar Professional Translation Agency