Special fares for Supplementary Health Insurance by Doğa Sigorta for In-patient Treatment

Doğa Sigorta launches an important campaign in supplementary ‘inpatient treatment’ guaranteed complementary health insurance aiming to ensure that health of everyone is guaranteed and treatment in private hospitals is no longer a luxury.

Special fares for Supplementary Health Insurance by Doğa Sigorta for In-patient Treatment
In this scope, additional insurances such as ‘Comprehensive Dental and Mini Check-up’ and ‘Mammography and PSA’ limited to once per year are offered as a present to the customers with the Supplementary Health Insurance including Inpatient Treatment offered with very special discounts.


Nihat Kırmızı CEO of Doğa Sigorta, stated that supplementary health insurance eliminates the perception of “health insurance is expensive” in the society. Stating that the supplementary health insurance policy is valid in widespread hospital network all around Turkey within scope of private health insurance, Kırmızı said that: "You can go to the same hospitals valid under private health insurance, can be treated by the same doctors and you can receive the same service paying less for your recovery with this policy. This policy is sometimes even cheaper than the motor insurance or traffic insurance depending on the city of residence and age. Human health is more important than all. You can always buy a car, but you should never be late in protecting and securing your health.

Kırmızı stating that it is also beneficial for companies to issue supplementary health insurance policies for their employees as an additional right, added that “The main risk in health is inpatient treatment. Unfortunately, inpatient treatment process ruins people, causes loss or render them helpless in unprepared conditions. Therefore, people provide themselves with significant guarantee purchasing, especially the inpatient treatment, with the very reasonable premiums at the beginning. Under these circumstances, treatment in private hospitals is not as expensive as it is generally considered.”



Emphasizing that they launched a very important campaign for inpatient treatment in Doğa Supplementary Health Insurance as Doğa Sigorta with the social responsibility of securing the health of the society, Kırmızı said that “We included ‘Mammography and PSA’ limited to once per year in addition to ‘Comprehensive Dental and Mini Check-up’ into Doğa Sigorta Supplementary Health Insurance which includes “Inpatient Treatment Coverage”. The scope of our policy is very rich, we equipped it with free assistance services”.

Referring to the other advantages of the Inpatient Treatment Collateral, Nihat Kırmızı said that: “For example, our “A + Inpatient Treatment Assurance” is a very advantageous assurance that is not available in any other company. With this assurance, a small private health insurance that includes inpatient treatment can be added to this supplementary health policy with minimum premium. With the “A + Inpatient Treatment Assurance”, if the first disease diagnosis is made during the period of Doğa Sigorta Supplementary Health Insurance Policy, the health expenses in the type A institutions and which exceed the annual exemption are covered unlimited and fully by our company with 100% payment rate.”
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