Güneş Sigorta was in the 4th Insurance and Actuary Congress

Güneş Sigorta General Director Atilla Benli attended the 4th Insurance and Actuary Congress (USAK) held in the Middle East Technical University (METU) as a speaker.

Güneş Sigorta was in the 4th Insurance and Actuary Congress
Günes Sigorta General Manager Atilla Benli participating as a speaker in the 4th National Insurance and Actuarial Congress “CEO Panel Non-Life Insurance” panel organized with the cooperation of Actuaries Association and METU Applied Mathematics Institute at METU Congress and Culture Center on June 24th gave important information to the  participants about the significance of the insurance, its functions, the threats and opportunities in the sector.

Emphasizing that the insurance has many important functions other than compensation General Manager of Güneş Sigorta Atilla Benli said that: “Insurance has many important functions in addition to providing assurance to individuals and institutions. It has an important role in increasing risk awareness, contributing to the national economy by covering damages in disasters such as floods and terrorism, development of financial literacy and ensuring business continuity. Customers can minimize their losses with insurance products suitable for their expectations and needs in the situations that can occur anytime, anywhere bringing financial burden.”


Noting the reflections on the environmental and economic developments in Turkey, Benli added that "According to the 2019 Global Risks Report declared in the World Economic Forum, five major risks in 2019 are: Extreme weather events, climate changes, natural disasters, data forgery and theft, cyber-attacks… Many natural disasters, especially earthquakes, floods and hail constitute an extremely important threat to the insurance sector. Another threat factor is; cyber-attacks. The number of cybercrimes has been increasing every year with the technological advancements. More than fifty thousand cyber-crimes were committed in Turkey last year. Of course, these cyber risks pose a threat to the sector and also bring opportunities. On the other hand, digitalization has positive effects on the insurance sector. The most important of these developments are the Insurtech and Blockchain technologies. I think, many innovations will contribute to the development of the insurance sector with the widespread use of these technologies in the future.”
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