Anadolu Sigorta will make the loss assessment smart with IBM

IBM (NYSE:IBM) and Anadolu Sigorta announced that they will work together to fasten the loss assessment process usin

Anadolu Sigorta will make the loss assessment smart with IBM

IBM (NYSE:IBM) and Anadolu Sigorta announced that they will work together to fasten the loss assessment process using artificial intelligence. IBM Watson Visual Identification Service presented on IBM Cloud, will help Anadolu Sigorta to examine and analyze damage photos rapidly. Thus, Anadolu Sigorta will be able to upload and asses the photos 70% faster. This will improve the customer experience by completion of loss assessment and price offers faster.

Anadolu Sigorta opening 1200 vehicle damage file every day, 63% of these files showing that damage is not crucial, and the vehicle is in a “working” condition. In order to optimize loss assessment process, Anadolu Sigorta will benefit from IBM Watson Visual Identification Service thanks to its flexible and customizable structure.

Accordingly, the contracted auto services will upload the photo of the vehicle damage to the application of Anadolu Sigorta first and this will be shared with the experts of the insurance company through the mobile application. There will also be a photo assistant integrated to the application as well in order to take the proper photos. Hence, the images will be provided appropriately to the insurance company. IBM Watson will automatically identify and classify damaged parts, damage size and information on whether a repair or replacement is necessary and accordingly it will inform the experts.

Anadolu Sigorta experts and IBM data scientists are currently training IBM Watson on the vehicle buffers, bumpers, doors, and their damage. In the second half of this year, the application is aimed to serve the contracted services and damage assessment experts first. IBM and Anadolu Sigorta are also collaborating to develop a general road map regarding the artificial intelligence.

Anadolu Sigorta aims to open the artificial intelligence-based application to its customers afterwards. According to this, insurers will enter basic information of their vehicles on the application uploading photos showing the damage of their vehicles easily with the new platform developed with IBM. Therefore, the loss assessment process will be much more accelerated.

Anadolu Sigorta Deputy General Manager Mehmet Abacı said in his statement about the process: "The insurance sector is one of the most affected sectors from the technological developments. As the largest and most-established company of Turkey, we are leading  the use of technology too. We want to reduce the analysis and repair process down to few hours using artificial intelligence technology in the analysis of minor damage occurred in the vehicles of our customers. Beforehand, we achieved to pay the cost of small housing damages such as glass damage to our customers in 5 seconds thanks to artificial intelligence and now we begin to use artificial intelligence technology more effectively in auto insurance. We continue the journey we started by saying “Al First” in 2018, as “Voice First” in 2019.

About the collaborations with Anadolu Sigorta, IBM Turkey Country General Manager Volkan Sözmen said that: "We are proud that our long-term ongoing collaboration with Anadolu Sigorta gained a new dimension with this project. Visual identification abilities of IBM Watson will highly contribute to make the process more efficient and effortless for customers. We believe that this project which will give new acceleration to the insurance sector will lead to different direction to digital transformation journey of the sector. We will continue to contribute to businesses of our customers like we have been doing for 80 years in Turkey."

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