Akbebek surprise for the families of Aksigorta

Aksigorta, one of the leading brands in the insurance sector, secures the newborn of women insured with Aksağlık policy even if they do not have birth guarantee. Therefore, Akbebeks are under the guarantee of renewal of Aksigorta, including communicable diseases.

Akbebek surprise for the families of Aksigorta
Aksigorta adding value to the sector with its new generation insurance approach, developed Aksağlık, its health insurance product. Aksağlık offers 4 different plans; My Family, My Child, New Life and VIP packages as of April 1. It will be able to secure new-born babies of mothers holding a policy of any plans as a result of future health evaluation. Thus, Akbebeks gain Aksigorta renewal assurance without applying the waiting period for communicable diseases.

Stating that they guarantee the health of the entire family as Aksigorta, Aksa Retail Sales and Marketing Assistant General Manager Tolga Tezbaşaran talked about the advantages of Aksağlık product: “With Aksağlık Family Package, Aksigorta insurers can ensure the different needs of each member of their families in a single package. In Aksağlık Family Package which is valid in more than four thousand health institutions in Turkey; there are 3 different plans such as inpatient treatment, standard and Family plus. In the Aksağlık My Child package which provides children an independent insurance from their parents; childhood routine vaccinations are covered free of charge. In Aksağlık New Life, women have a chance to get service from Turkey's most prominent healthcare facilities during pregnancy while waiting for a new member of the family.”


Private Plan for the Individuals Having Aksağlık Flex

Furthermore, Aksağlık VIP package provides unlimited service option and security against health risks in abroad for frequent travellers. In addition, with its customized modular product Aksağlık Flex provides the insurers the freedom to create the most suitable insurance for them. It provides a check-up service including examination, cardiological and laboratory tests to all insurers over the age of 18 with a comprehensive corporate network for free.

Ambulance with a single click, 24/7 support

Aksağlık mobile application provides information and services that might be necessary including night-pharmacies, live support, policy information and contracted institutions. Ambulance and on-call pharmacy can be reached with a single click in case of emergency. On the other hand, Aksigorta insurers can access address information and directions of contracted health institutions.
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