Turkey’s most developed “Digital Fund Consultancy” service: “FonPro”

AvivaSA Mobile, the highly developed mobile application in the sector, designed by AvivaSA to meet the customer needs and expectations provides mobile digital fund consultancy service with the “FonPro” feature which makes it unique as well. Financial analysis, risk analysis and optimal fund allocation recommendations for PPS can be easily monitored online with FonPro having various functions and innovations that make a difference in the sector.

Turkey’s most developed “Digital Fund Consultancy” service: “FonPro”

Designed by more than 250 customers in accordance with the innovative technology and design trends of the industry leader AvivaSA, being the venture of Sabancı Holding and Aviva, AvivaSA Mobile maintains its position as the most advanced mobile application in the sector thanks to the “FonPro” function making it unique. It has been noted that nearly 17 thousand users experienced FonPro function so far.

 “Digitalization” and “Sabancı of the New Era”

Noting that they have been focusing on the strategies of Digitalization and Customer Orientation in accordance with the vision of their shareholder 300-year-old insurance leader Aviva and Sabancı Holding CEO of AvivaSA Fırat Kuruca said that: “Our main goal is to provide our customers with the fastest and highest quality service through the channels they prefer by getting to know our customers in the best way. We would like to make our customers feel that we are with them throughout their lives with our products and services supported by our digital solutions and to be the leading digital insurance company creating value focused on customer. ”

AvivaSA-Akportföy cooperation

Considering that financial literacy is low in our country and private pension customers have difficulty in managing their investments, increasing the return of their savings or deciding on the funds to buy and sell Kuruca noted that they developed FonPro together with the portfolio management company AkPortföy and added: “Our customers can now easily manage their PPS savings with FonPro, a Digital Fund Advisory function. Current risk profiles are determined by a survey based on the changes in the life stages of our customers, and the most appropriate fund allocation can be proposed by the current capital markets, financial analyzes, previous term data and the expert opinion received from Akportföy according to their risk profiles. Our customers can easily make the risk profile survey and fund distribution changes after the proposed funds through AvivaSA Mobile. Our aim is to maximize customer satisfaction in fund consultancy by presenting the application of our sector by considering the current market conditions and recommending the most appropriate fund allocation according to the risk perceptions with FonPro.”

Financial News and Calculation Functions

The Financial News and Calculations function which is one of the important functions of the application, draws attention with its user-friendly and easily understandable feature. Introducing the Financial News screen to increase the financial literacy of AvivaSA customers and closely monitor the economic developments Kuruca concluded his statements by saying that: “Our customers can see the performance of their personal pension funds, current condition of the market and expert reviews on the “Financial News” screen. Moreover, our customers have access to the economical developments released every three months by the famous economist and journalist Emin Çapa and his assessments of the money markets on this screen. In addition, our customers can be informed about instant changes in selected comparative investment instruments (USD, Euro, gold, BIST, etc.) and receive current financial news only after 15 minutes regarding the market news. On the new version, our customers can follow the exchange information instantly from our application home page without logging into the application. In addition, our customers having iOS devices can add AvivaSA Mobile to their favourite applications list and quickly access exchange rates on their phone's shortcut screen. With this feature in our application, we aim to increase the financial literacy of our customers and inform them about the economic developments with the contents we provide in an understandable language. We would like to guide our customers while they decide on their investments. Users can easily calculate how much savings they need to make for their dreamed retirement and the tax advantage up to 15% in life products with the calculation property in our application.”

Translated by Çevirimvar Professional Translation Agency