“Family Discount” for everyone who forms a 5-person group from AXA

“Family Discount” for everyone who forms a 5-person group from AXA

In addition to the supplementary health insurance it offers, AXA Sigorta, provides 10% discount to the insurants forming a group of 5 to 20 people.

Leading the insurance sector with its innovative perspective AXA Sigorta led the way and realized the “Family Discount” where the insurant can benefit from the advantages. The “Family Discount” provides an extra 10% cost discount in addition to the cost advantages of complementary health insurance. Everyone who is insured with complementary health insurance can benefit from the Family Discount by forming a group of a minimum of five and a maximum of 20 persons regardless of their kinship.

The complementary health insurance provides the treatment opportunities private health insurances offer by paying the mandatory 15 Turkish Liras patient share in hospitals for their insurants. Thus, apart from private health insurances, the insurants do not pay the patient share changing between 20-30% of the treatment cost to benefit from the complementary health insurance providing treatment opportunities in private hospitals. To be insured by Social Security Institution (SSI) will be sufficient.

Alper Tanyer, AXA Sigorta Marketing Director has stated: “As AXA Sigorta, we work with the mission of “contributing to a better life for people”. Our primary goal is not just to be the company paying for the damage in the time of loss but to be a solution partner that they can trust while they achieve their dreams. We would like to carry the “Family Package” in the sector to a different level and we started from the concept of extended family. In other words, we started from the notion of “kinship”. We have increased the 7.5% family discount to 10% in March. We wanted to help our complementary health insurants to take a step for protecting the health of their own and of their beloved ones regardless of closeness with “Family Discount”. We have decided to extend the “Family Discount” realized in March 2020 until May 2021 due to the high attention it has attracted. As we know, health insurances have different prices depending on the person, age, gender, and the province they reside in. However, reviewing the average values, we see that the complementary health insurance prices are more accessible with one fourth or even one-fifth of the prices of private health insurances.”


Stating that they are trying to emphasize the fact that there is no obligation to be of kinship in the communication of the product, Tanyer ended his speech as follows: ” We have shared how easy it is to benefit from an advantage like “Family Discount” in a video narrated by our lovely friends from the animal world.”


Family Discount Video Link:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=y_Ooo0qPra4


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