Assignment in senior management of Howden Turkey

Howden Sigorta, under British Hyperion Insurance Group strengthens its team in Turkey. Ersegün Odabaşı was appointed as Business Development and Project Director of Smartie, Howden’s Smart Health Expenditure Management Program.

Assignment in senior management of Howden Turkey

Howden, the retail broker branch of Hyperion Insurance Group operates in more than 90 countries with more than 10.000 employees. The company generating approximately $ 22 billion in premium production is the world’s largest insurance broker outside the USA. Howden, in operation in Turkey since 2012, became one of the Turkey’s three largest insurance with the ACP Sigorta purchased last year.

Howden recently focusing on recruitment, appointed Ersegün Odabaşı as SMARTIE Business Development and Project Director position. Odabaşı will handle the growth in Turkey’s market and the expansion to abroad of the Smartie application, Howden’s Smart Health Expenditures Management Program. Odabaşı will first coordinate the export of Smartie to the United Arab Emirates, then conduct process of expansion to the world.

Odabaşı graduated from the Faculty of Business Administration of Istanbul University in 1989. He speaks fluent English. Mr. Odabaşı has worked in various positions in the insurance sector since 1998.


Smartie Smart Compensation Management is a special CRM application for data analysis of Howden’s health insurance expenditures. Smartie is a special software developed on a CRM program infrastructure to monitor all parameters (type of spent guarantee, share, contracted organization, location, etc.) that affect the cost-effective and practical use of health insured expenses and can communicate with the individual user directly in group health insurance unlike others. Therefore, it helps the user to use the policy more effectively and intelligently with informative messages providing the cost-effective use of the insurance policy. The users can take control of his/her own limits and expenses thanks to this system.

Companies can reduce the workload on HR Departments, as well as reflections of user savings with this program.



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