Unico Sigorta Hosted its Captive Agencies and Brokers in Feriye!

Unico Sigorta, a dynamic and experienced brand within the insurance industry, held a meeting with its brokers and captive agencies in coordination with its shareholder SBK Holding.

Unico Sigorta Hosted its Captive Agencies and Brokers in Feriye!

Unico Sigorta hosted its second “Together Stronger” roadshow events on Wednesday 20th November in Feriye.

Unico Sigorta Deputy General Manager, Özer Özcan and SBK Holding Founder CEO, Sezgin Baran Korkmaz gave their speeches accompanied by the unique and spectacular Bosphorus view. Their speeches mainly pointed out the positive developments following the changes in the shareholder structure, as well as the 2020 goals and business plans. Throughout the dinner organization, the executives of both Unico Sigorta and SBK Holding held face-to-face meetings with the brokers and captive agencies.

Unico Sigorta Deputy General Manager, Özer Özcan, underlined that the 2019 production which nearly equals to 520 Million Turkish Liras consists of automobile insurance with 33%, traffic insurance with 25%, fire insurance with 20% and health insurance with a percentage of 8%. Özcan stated Unico Sigorta’s 2020 goal as sustainable and profitable growth and also added that: “At the start of 2019, Unico Sigorta shifted its business focus on its business partners. We as Unico Sigorta feel ourselves utmost competitive for the year 2020. For the upcoming term we aim to build a balanced product portfolio. We are also enthusiastic for any upcoming corporate affairs. We plan to enhance our corporate visits to our business partners with the company of our corporate executives. Together, we are ready for a stronger 2020.”

SBK Holding Founder CEO, Sezgin Baran Korkmaz, stated that: “When Unico Sigorta is concerned, our goal is to achieve a controlled growth. We plan to become an insurance company that creates awareness. We are going to create a brand-new vision that is going to be shared by both our company and the entire insurance industry. Our insurance policy range and product line are going to be expanded.” At the final phase of his speech, Korkmaz invited SBK Holding Deputy CEO, Çağlar Şendil and Unico Sigorta CEO, Sinan Görkem Gökçe on the stage. Throughout the speeches of Şendil and Gökçe, it was highlighted that Unico Sigorta is going to strive for success and realize much greater goals with its existing business partners.

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