AXA met in İstanbul for International and New Markets Regional Meeting

AXA Group held the first annual International and New Markets Regional meeting hosted by AXA Sigorta with the “Change the Game” theme in Istanbul. Regional CEO Benoît Claveranne, AXA XL CEO Greg Hendrick and AXA Insurance CEO Yavuz Ölken, as well as senior management teams of 33 countries in the region attended the meeting where regional achievements and future plans were discussed.

AXA met in İstanbul for International and New Markets Regional Meeting
The annual meeting of the AXA Group International and New Markets (INM) region was held in Istanbul with “Change the Game” theme. In the meeting attended by the directors of the INM Madrid office, as well as the senior management teams of 33 countries connected to INM region, the company's successes were celebrated, and future plans were discussed. AXA INM Regional CEO Benoît Claverann,  AXA XL CEO Greg Hendrick and AXA Sigorta CEO Yavuz Ölken in addition to Nigerian entrepreneur Iyin Aboyejiv who is in the “The most Successful 30 under the age of 30” list of Forbes and Microsoft Turkey CEO Murat Kansu were invited as guest speakers. Moreover, during the event designed beyond the traditional corporate meeting structure as a training-intensive meeting lasted for three days, full of energy workshops and games directed by AXA employees were held; 47 per cent of the participants took an active part in the event.


Stating that they are pleased to host the first meeting of INM region in his opening speech AXA Insurance CEO Yavuz Ölken said that: We continue our statement as ‘We are AXA, we are different’ with our ground breaking activities. In this meeting, we had the opportunity to share our experiences, celebrate our successes, evaluate new business models and talk about innovations in terms of data and technology. We listened to inspirational speeches about entrepreneurship and transformation. In this meeting reflecting the energy keeping the single AXA spirit alive, we all strengthened our passion to make a difference. ”


Noting that they felt Turkey's legendary hospitality  for three days AXA INM Regional CEO Benoît Claverann stated that: "We enjoyed a lot to meet in Istanbul connecting two continents together with an inspiring history and dynamic structure located in the heart of the INM countries with 150 participants from four continents. We did an excellent job in the 1.5 years starting from the creation of the International and New Markets region. We made a great progress in Turkey where we have great confidence and we continued our growth both in technology and the data field with the applications to be example for the whole sector. We have been successfully progressing to become a solution partner making lives of our customers easier and always supporting them with our entrepreneurial perspective and innovative approach towards them with all of our companies in the region. During these three days where we learnt together, analysed, thought, solved problems and developed ideas together, we learned that we would continue this journey with the same sense of trust and unity. From now on, we will focus on strengthening our teams, changing the rule of the game, going beyond the insurance by thinking simpler. We know we can do that too”.

Translated by Çevirimvar Professional Translation Agency
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